We believe that quality people are the key to our success and we are always looking for talented individuals with the skills and passion to get the job done for our customers. Our culture is one of safety, hard work, dedication, respect and integrity.

At IntraTug, we are continually searching for strong candidates to join our team. When you work at IntraTug, you are given an opportunity start, or continue, an exciting career in marine services with one of the leaders in the industry. Anyone can offer you a job. At IntraTug, we’re different – we want to help you build a rewarding career where you can feel good about the work you perform every day.

We take pride in building a culture of excellence, where people matter and long-term success is the goal for everyone that works at our company. We believe in helping each employee reach their full potential – at every level of the organization. Whether your professional development includes multi-discipline training, Sub M compliance, management training, customer service, safety development or more, we are prepared to invest in our people to improve IntraTug across the board.

We recognize success and we focus on results. If you have the skill and experience to join our team, we would like to hear from you. Simply fill out our IntraTug online application form and we will review your credentials.

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Safety First

At IntraTug, we are proud to say that we are USCG Subchapter M Compliant and we have a relentless commitment to safety.